Mmmmmm Cherry Pie

Jez one of the founders here at Black_Inc makes a mean Cherry Pie come tart. So, we thought we would let him tell you about it. Over to you Jez.

Hi Folks
Ok, This is what you’ll need:

Sugar (I use caster & brown)
Eggs (free range, free range, free range)
Lemon juice (preferably fresh but if you don’t have it Jif it)
Cherries (obviously)
Butter (mmmm lovely butter)
Vanilla (pods are nicer but extract is nice too)
One to two children for bowl and spoon licking duties.

The weights and measures are a closely guarded secret I’m afraid.


Now, you can get your cherries from anywhere you like. I tend to make my cherry pies once a year – at cherry picking time. There are three trees that are a short walk from our house. I keep a sharp eye on them (because ripe cherries have a short life on the tree) and once they’re ripe for picking it’s carrier bags in pockets and off we go.


One bag of cherries, £90 worth had we bought the cherries from the same place as we got that bag. Free for us though I love it – Hugh would be proud. Time for the pinnys.


Now, to get rid of those pesky leaves and stalks…




This bit takes a while but you get an enormous feeling of satisfaction when you see the cherries in all their glory. Now it’s time to get those stones out. #TheMessyBit


Cherry blood everywhere, this bit makes a right old mess but we love it!


There’s been a murder (said in the accent of Jim Taggart)


One bucket of baby cherry trees.


Here’s the stuff you’ll need for your pie. Normally I would use a fresh lemon and a vanilla pod but I didn’t have either. The dark brown sugar is lovely and sticky – that’s a must have.


After lots of rolling out pastry, breaking eggs, mixing in sugar, bashing up cherries and the passing of bowls and spoons to the kids – Tah-dah the almost finished pie emerges in it’s unbaked state. Time to pop this lovely looking fella in the oven.


Oh the smell… it’s amazing! Kettle on…


Cherry pie… cup of tea… Superb!