Neil to Ransom

Neil, one of Black_inc’s finest, gets a feature in Ransom Note.


Ciaran Steward from Ransome Note writes: Every now and again I find myself flicking through the arts pages of a magazine in search of something interesting that might catch my eye and set my sense of intrigue ablaze. When I first came across the upcoming Lucy In The Sky exhibit at Transition Gallery my curiosity was piqued and I became determined to find out more about this marvellous event. So I did. If you’re in London and have even the slightest hint of artistic intrigue about you then I strongly urge you don’t miss the chance to see works from the likes of Neil Metzner who has been kind enough to let us know about some of the things that most inspire his life and his art.

For the past few years I’ve been painting things that are: vanishing, sinking, melting or slightly out of reach. My pictures are not directly about their central motifs (for instance, a plane crash or someone drowning) instead, these themes offer an entry point and also a clue. I’m trying to create something particular, perhaps a glimpse into the future, that has been shaped over time and, in part, by events that have left some kind of scar.”



My dad bought me a set of encyclopedias when I was a kid which I never read, but I liked to look at the pictures and this painting by Bellini fascinated me. It’s the first piece of art I ever engaged with and it opened the door to painting for me.



This music was my year zero moment. It took me out of suburbia, acquainted me with the real world and encouraged me to question it…

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